Effortless route planning for delivery drivers

Save time, miles and gas money for all the delivery drivers in your fleet.
RoadWarrior Flex is a professional route planner that helps you create the proven fastest routes for delivery drivers in minutes. Easily assign routes and track their progress as your drivers crush their routes.

Available on desktop, iOS and Android.

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I love that things are not over complicated like other programs I tried. The price is right and the routes are always very good. I have used this product a few years now and myself and my drivers like it.
Ashley, Fleet Manager

Track route progress

Monitor progress and make adjustments as your drivers complete their routes

Easily assign routes

Intelligently assign routes to your drivers, saving both you and your team loads of time. 

The app is available on both iOS and Android, whichever your drivers prefer.

Plan the best routes for your drivers in minutes

Enter stops one by one, or upload a whole list of locations from Excel spreadsheets. Then sit back while RoadWarrior's powerful routing engine works its magic.

You can set time windows for certain stops, avoid highways, school zones and more.

A cursor drags an Excel document to an upload field, while a smiling man works on a laptop in the background.
A message asking if a route driver will accept or reject a route, with a smiling delivery driver holding a tablet in the background.
A map with three delivery routes. There are checkmarks along the routes for delivery stops.
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Screenshots of two lists of route stops. The first list is from Google Maps and the total route time is 3hr 27min. The second list is from RoadWarrior Flex and the travel time is 2hr 27min.

Google Maps Route
3 hr 27 min

115 miles

RoadWarrior Route
2 hr 27 min

47.9 miles

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Even when I think I have the best route set up, I'll throw the addresses into RoadWarrior and Boom! Knocks an hour and a half off my travel time.
Zachary, Delivery Driver

The RoadWarrior driver saves

1 hour | 67 miles

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We take FedEx manifests

Upload those manifests and let RoadWarrior do the rest

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With RoadWarrior's route optimization technology

Solo driver? Check out our individual plans

Solo driver? Check out our individual plans

Check out this test case (and this is just for 10 stops). RoadWarrior can save you time on 190 stops or more 🚚💨